Kaila Kasper


Hi! My name is Kaila Kasper.  

At first I come off timid and reserved but eventually I start to open up and become a goofball.  I am told that I am funny ( which is debatable ) but I am also determined and serious about designing. I am a huge animal lover, a coffee hater, and the nicest person you'll ever meet!

I am a 2016 graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design; with a major in Advertising and Graphic Design and a minor in Business. 

I have noticed over my college years that I am driven by the process involved in creating an appealing design and the concept that constructs it. Being an extremely visual and hands on person, I always want to see the finished project mocked up, photographed, and in its environment. During the past semesters I have taken courses such as: Advertising and Graphic Design Concepts, Branding, Package Design, Typography, Copywriting, Photography, Web Strategy and Design, Motion Graphics, Trends in Design, and Applied Design.  These courses involved creating brands, website designs, catalogs, re-brands, marketing, etc. For my business minor I have taken classes such as; Money Matters for Artists and Designers, Starting an Art and Design Business, Marketing Tools for Artists and Designers, and Protection Artists Designers Legal Rights.

Now that I have stepped into the professional world with my internships, I have even more of a passion to create and see the projects I've worked on in the real world.